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  • 2022 Tax Planning

Year-End Tax Planning Amid Biden’s Build Back Better Proposal

As the end of 2021 approaches and schedules start to fill with holiday plans, tax planning should be moved to the top of the list. Congress recently proposed the Build Back Better Act (BBB) that includes sweeping changes to the estate and gift tax rules that could affect you. While we cannot predict which of these changes will be enacted and when they will become effective, there are some actions you should take now to prepare.

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  • Power of Attorney

Is Your Child Leaving for College?

If you have a college-bound child, preparations for the new school year and your child’s life away from home should include signing powers of attorney. Buckley Fine Law can provide you with peace of mind before school resumes. Contact any one of our qualified estate planning attorneys at 847-381-0011 or email us at to address this with your child.

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  • Review Your Estate Plan

Spring Clean Your Estate Plan

As the season begins to change and warmer weather is on the horizon, it is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning– organizing and updating your home – but don’t forget to do the same with your estate plan! No one enjoys planning for death and disability, but it is important to review your plan periodically (or create one if you don’t have one!) to ensure that your wishes are properly reflected and your family is prepared to act when needed.

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  • Asset Protection Barrington

Asset Protection: What You Need to Know

Asset protection, sometimes referred to as enhanced estate planning, utilizes contemporary techniques with historical roots to protect assets from potential risks. This proactive planning reduces exposure to judgements resulting from unwarranted, frivolous litigation. Perhaps most importantly, when done properly, it provides significant peace of mind.

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  • Buy Sell Agreements

Business Sales the Smart Way: Under the Biden/Harris administration and COVID-19

Selling or buying a business can be one of the most important financial and emotional events in a business owner's lifetime. Such a significant transaction should be planned for well ahead of time so all circumstances can be considered and there is time to implement strategies that could increase the desirability and marketability of the business. For more information on how Buckley Fine, LLC can assist you with selling (or buying) a business, please contact Helmut E. Gerlach, Chair-Corporate Practice Group, at 847-381-0011.

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  • Buckley Fine, LLC Law Firm in Barrington

Meet Buckley Fine’s Growing Team

Buckley Fine is excited for 2021, a new year already filled with prosperity and growth for our clients and friends. Providing the highest level of service remains our top priority, and we are excited to announce the addition of new team members that share this same commitment to clients and the community.

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