Probate Court & Estate Administration

The probate process can be laborious, time-consuming, and confusing. Buckley Fine attorneys have a wealth of experience in probate administration, and have handled matters in all of the local courts, including Lake, Cook, and McHenry County.

Trust Administration

The experienced trust administration attorneys at Buckley Fine can help guide trustees through the fiduciary duties and responsibilities involved in administering a trust.

Contested Estates & Trusts

The attorneys of Buckley Fine understand that the loss of a loved one is already a very hard thing to bear. However, when there are legal issues to contend with, this difficult time becomes even more stressful.

One of the biggest challenges families must confront after losing a loved one is proper administration of that person’s estate or trust.  Buckley Fine’s Estate and Trust Administration attorneys in Barrington have served as trusted guides, helping families navigate the complex process of estate and trust administration.

Losing a loved one is hard. The task of distributing your loved one’s assets can cause additional stress if not handled properly. There are very specific laws governing the administration of an estate, which can be very confusing to anyone not familiar with the process. Buckley Fine’s goal is to ease the burden on those who have just lost a loved one.  Trust our team of lawyers to guide you through that process. Schedule your consultation today.


Work with experienced Estate and Trust Administration attorneys in Barrington serving the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We help navigate the complex process of estate and trust administration. Schedule your consultation today.



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