Trying to understand death taxes can be a daunting task. The tax and estate planning attorneys of Buckley Fine will help you determine your estate’s potential exposure to both state and federal death taxes, and work with you to reduce that risk. Buckley Fine attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complex death tax rules so it is clear and easy to understand.

Strategies can include modeling to maximize lifetime gifting, as well as advanced planning options like creating irrevocable trusts that are designed to hold assets outside of your taxable estate. The attorneys at Buckley Fine will work with you to address state and federal estate tax concerns.

The attorneys of Buckley Fine can help with:

  • Estate tax analysis and planning
  • Lifetime and death planning for state and federal estate and inheritance taxes
  • State residency changes
  • Irrevocable trust planning: ILIT, SLAT, GRAT, QPRT, CLT, CRT and others
  • Advanced techniques that can include asset protection entities such as Family Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and others




Buckley Fine attorneys are licensed in
Illinois | Arizona | District of Columbia | Florida | Maryland | Washington | Wisconsin