Civil Litigation Attorneys

Serving Barrington and Northern Illinois

At Buckley Fine, our team of experienced civil litigation lawyers is committed to providing exceptional representation for every client, regardless of the size or nature of the case. We understand that each client’s situation is unique, and we approach every case with thoughtful, hands-on, and proactive representation. Whether you find yourself as a plaintiff or defendant in a civil suit, our expertise in civil litigation enables us to offer effective and comprehensive counsel.

The civil litigation attorneys of Buckley Fine can:

  • Provide consultation regarding the aspects of a case
  • Handle all stages of the litigation process
  • Draft and negotiate settlements
  • Handle appeals

Our goal is always to achieve the most advantageous results for our clients. With extensive experience in a wide range of civil disputes, we are well-versed in various resolution methods, from courtroom litigation to arbitration and out-of-court settlements. We work closely with you at every stage, building a strong case to resolve the dispute in your favor. Our attorneys are adept in navigating the courtroom environment, yet equally skilled in identifying when alternative dispute resolution might be the best course of action.

No matter the nature of the dispute, whether it involves family matters, employer-employee conflicts, or any other civil issue, our team of Barrington-area lawyers is prepared to represent and protect your interests with skill and dedication.


If you’re facing a civil dispute in the Barrington area, trust the experienced civil litigation attorneys at Buckley Fine to represent and protect your interests. Contact us today to ensure your case receives the expert attention and proactive approach it deserves.



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