The attorneys at Buckley Fine know how important it is to plan for the later years of life. We all hope to get the opportunity to thoughtfully consider how those years should look and communicate them in a way that loved ones can understand and implement. All too often, however, this is not the case. For many seniors, decisions regarding healthcare, housing, estate planning, and finances are made for them during emergency or similar situations. Without planning in place, family members are often left guessing at their wishes or disagreeing on what actions to take, which can make these already stressful situations even more difficult.

This is why the experienced elder care attorneys at Buckley Fine offer an array of elder care services to provide families with the highest level of comfort and security when their loved ones need it most. They can help with powers of attorney for healthcare, powers of attorney for property, and court hearings to obtain formal guardianship over a disabled loved one. Buckley Fine can also connect clients to government services and benefits to which they are entitled, such as military pensions or Medicaid benefits.

The team at Buckley Fine helps clients make long term plans regarding any potential health care decisions, guardianships, estate planning and administration. Planning for the future makes for a more secure and comfortable present. If your loved one did not get a plan in place and needs help, the attorneys at Buckley Fine are ready to assist, and will do it with compassion and care.




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