At Buckley Fine, we understand the intricate art of crafting trusts tailored to meet diverse needs. Trusts can serve various purposes, from wealth protection to estate planning, each requiring a unique design and approach. We specialize in creating trusts that effectively safeguard assets while considering the specific objectives of our clients.

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Self-Settled Spendthrift Trusts
  • Third Party Settled Trusts
  • Trustee Discretionary Trusts
  • Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts
  • Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts
  • Irrevocable Insurance Trusts
  • Single Purpose Trusts
  • 2503(c) Minor’s Trust

Trusts come in a wide variety of designs. The design of a trust for protection of wealth may differ in many respects from a trust designed for estate planning. Accomplishing the protection desired will entail the removal of direct control and access. Another definition, which carries further hints of offshore implications, states that asset protection is the use of a more favorable system of laws (offshore) against a less favorable and confiscatory system (domestic), a legal arbitrage of sorts.

Our expertise includes infusing protective provisions in revocable trusts for secondary beneficiaries and designing irrevocable trusts for settlors and primary beneficiaries, ensuring that control and access are managed to provide the desired level of protection. Whether you’re interested in leveraging more favorable laws through offshore trusts or seeking domestic solutions, our team is equipped to offer guidance and implement strategies that align with your goals.


Explore the possibilities of trust creation with Buckley Fine’s experienced team. If you’re looking to establish a trust for wealth protection or estate planning, our attorneys are ready to design a solution that fits your unique needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help secure your assets and plan for the future with a well-structured trust.



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