Succession Planning Attorneys

Serving Barrington and Northern Illinois

At Buckley Fine, our business law attorneys possess the expertise and insight necessary to facilitate successful business transitions. We understand the challenges involved in determining a successor for your business, particularly in cases where there isn’t an obvious choice. Our skilled business succession attorneys collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive plan, guiding you meticulously through each phase of the process.

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Business structuring
  • Tax structuring
  • Estate tax planning
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Lending, funding
  • Post- transition employment and consulting agreements

Our team is adept at managing transitions in various scenarios, whether it involves selling to a co-owner, key employee, third party, or family member. We aim to execute a change in ownership that minimizes stress and optimizes results, whether you’re planning a sale or purchase now or preparing for the future. Our sophisticated approach covers all aspects of business succession planning, including successor identification, timeline, tax consequences, income needs, business valuation, and payment terms. We also consider how the transition affects your lifestyle, estate planning, and beneficiaries, mitigating potential unintended consequences and enhancing the likelihood of a successful transition and subsequent operations.

Whether selling to a co-owner, key employee, third party or your family, they can facilitate a successful change in ownership that reduces stress and maximizes results. Whether you are planning to sell or buy now, or looking to create a plan for the future, their sophisticated business attorneys will work to meet your goals.

The Buckley Fine team proactively addresses all aspects of the business succession planning, including identifying the successor, the timeline, tax consequences, income needs, business valuation, payment of the purchase price, potential continued employment, as well as how it may affect your lifestyle, estate planning and intended beneficiaries. Addressing these together reduces the potential for unintended consequences and increases the likelihood of success, both during the transition and after the business changes hands.


Plan your business’s future with the expert guidance of Buckley Fine’s attorneys. Our team is well-equipped to handle sophisticated business succession plans, ensuring a smooth transition that aligns with your goals.  Schedule a consultation to begin shaping a succession plan that secures your legacy and the ongoing success of your business.



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