Non-Compete & Confidentiality Agreements

Employees are hired and, at some point, may leave your organization. The Employment Lawyers at Buckley Fine can help with all aspects of Non-Compete & Confidentiality Agreements including:

  • Review
  • Negotiating
  • Drafting
  • Revising
  • Enforcing

Securing intellectual capital, trade secrets, and confidential information is imperative for businesses of all sizes. To help protect businesses, having employees sign nondisclosure and non-compete agreements is a key step towards protecting this important information. These crucial agreements can provide limits on what information current and former employees can divulge as well as where they can work. Without them, employees may be able to use knowledge from your business to start their own company or walk down the street and bring valuable information to your top competitor.

The experienced attorneys of Buckley Fine protect clients’ intellectual capital by advising on how to avoid trade secret misappropriation. They counsel clients on how to best secure their property including audits of existing trade secrets and intellectual property; confidentiality, non-compete and nondisclosure agreements; employee training practices, trade secret protection policies and electronic information protection systems. Buckley Fine’s nondisclosure and non-compete lawyers have decades of combined experience working with a variety of businesses, carefully crafting contracts that help keep their clients’ information safe.




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