Commercial Litigation Attorney

The commercial litigation attorneys of Buckley Fine can:

  • Provide consultation regarding the aspects of a case
  • Draft and negotiate settlements
  • Handle all stages of the litigation process
  • Handle the appeals process

Buckley Fine’s team of litigation attorneys understand that in the world of business, litigation can be a stressful, but often necessary process to secure your company’s interests. Whether a small, family-owned business or a large corporation, legal challenges are an all too common occurrence. And in that event, skillful representation is needed to help minimize business interruption and an advantageous outcome.

That’s why their team of experienced litigation lawyers are prepared to take on all matters of commercial litigation. Whether the dispute you are going through is between shareholders, over a contract, intellectual property, or any number of other commercial conflicts, they have the experience to represent their client’s best interest. The lawyers at Buckley Fine approach each case with rigor and examine the laws in play to represent their clients well. They have extensive experience in the court system, as well as in the arbitration and settlement processes. The course they take in settling the dispute will be determined by the client’s needs and goals, and designed to obtain the most advantageous outcome for the client. Clients can be confident that in the case of a trial, their attorneys are experienced and skilled in the courtroom, and will zealously protect their client’s interests and rights.




Buckley Fine attorneys are licensed in
Illinois | Arizona | District of Columbia | Florida | Maryland | Washington | Wisconsin