Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Serving Barrington and Northern Illinois

At Buckley Fine, our team of litigation attorneys recognizes that navigating business disputes can be stressful but is often essential to protect your company’s interests. From small family businesses to large corporations, facing legal challenges is a reality of the business world. Our goal is to provide skilled legal representation that minimizes business disruption and drives favorable outcomes.

Our experienced litigation lawyers are adept at handling a wide range of commercial litigation issues, from shareholder disputes and contract disagreements to intellectual property and various other business conflicts. We approach each case with meticulous attention, thoroughly analyzing the applicable laws to robustly represent our clients’ interests. With extensive experience in both the court system and alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration and settlements, we tailor our strategies to align with our clients’ objectives, aiming for the most beneficial results.

The commercial litigation attorneys of Buckley Fine can:

  • Provide consultation regarding the aspects of a case
  • Draft and negotiate settlements
  • Handle all stages of the litigation process
  • Handle the appeals process

In the event of a trial, you can trust in the courtroom expertise of Buckley Fine’s attorneys. We are committed to defending your interests and rights, ensuring that every legal avenue is pursued for the protection and success of your business.


Protect your business with Buckley Fine’s expert commercial litigation attorneys in Barrington and Northern Illinois. Ready to manage all litigation stages, from consultation to appeals, our team excels in resolving shareholder disputes, contract issues, and intellectual property conflicts. Schedule a consultation now for dedicated representation and strategic solutions tailored to your business needs.



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