Buy-Sell Agreements

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Draft buy-sell agreements
  • Determine how and when to trigger a buy-sell agreement
  • Devise a means to value the business
  • Understand how outside events (e.g. divorce or bankruptcy) impact an agreement
  • Determine who is entitled to purchase a departing owner’s interest
  • Fund the buy-sell agreement
  • Understand the tax implications that each option available in an agreement entails

At Buckley Fine, their lawyers understand how important it is to determine and document business transition plans. In some cases, that future could bring with it the exit or death of original partners or founders. In this eventuality, a robust and thorough business-succession plan is crucial to keeping their enterprise functional and profitable.

One central aspect of business-succession planning is the development of buy-sell contracts. These contracts protect remaining partners, spouses and stakeholders, as well as prevent interruptions to a business. The firm’s team of experienced attorneys is prepared to serve clients by developing agreements that meet the needs of their enterprise and maintain its smooth operation no matter what the future brings.

Buckley Fine’s Barrington-area attorneys can help determine what will happen to a business in the event of a change in ownership via a buy-sell agreement.




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