Buy-Sell Agreements Expertise by Buckley Fine Business Law Attorneys

Serving Barrington and Northern Illinois

In the intricate landscape of business law, the attorneys at Buckley Fine, based in the Barrington area, offer specialized expertise in crafting buy-sell agreements. These agreements are essential components of business succession planning, ensuring the continuity and stability of a business during transitions such as the exit or death of partners or founders. Our attorneys recognize the importance of meticulously documenting these transition plans to safeguard the future of your enterprise.

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Draft buy-sell agreements
  • Determine how and when to trigger a buy-sell agreement
  • Devise a means to value the business
  • Understand how outside events (e.g. divorce or bankruptcy) impact an agreement
  • Determine who is entitled to purchase a departing owner’s interest
  • Fund the buy-sell agreement
  • Understand the tax implications that each option available in an agreement entails

At Buckley Fine, our focus extends beyond just drafting buy-sell agreements. We delve into the specifics of triggering these agreements, valuing the business accurately, and understanding the impact of external events like divorce or bankruptcy. Our team is adept at outlining who is entitled to purchase a departing owner’s interest and how to fund the agreement, while also considering the various tax implications of each option.

These buy-sell contracts are vital in protecting the interests of remaining partners, spouses, and stakeholders, preventing disruptions in business operations. Our experienced attorneys are committed to developing agreements tailored to the unique needs of your business, ensuring its seamless operation regardless of future changes in ownership.


If you’re seeking expert guidance on buy-sell agreements and business succession planning, look no further than Buckley Fine’s Barrington-area attorneys. Our team is ready to help you craft a comprehensive plan that secures your business’s future. Contact us today to create a robust buy-sell agreement that aligns with your enterprise’s needs and objectives.



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