Trust Administration

At Buckley Fine, our experienced trust administration attorneys are dedicated to assisting trustees in navigating the complexities of fiduciary duties and responsibilities. Whether you’re acting on behalf of a disabled beneficiary or managing a trust following the death of a loved one, our team is here to ensure you fulfill your duties in accordance with the trust’s terms and legal requirements. Managing and distributing assets, addressing debts, and handling state and federal income and estate taxes are tasks that require careful attention and expertise. Our Barrington-area lawyers are equipped to provide comprehensive support, including representing trustees, preparing trust inventories and accountings, analyzing and preparing tax returns, managing trust assets, and even litigating trust-related cases. Our goal is to minimize the stress and uncertainty during these challenging times, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant trust administration process.

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Represent trustees
  • Prepare trust inventories and accountings
  • Analyze and prepare federal and state estate tax returns
  • Analysis of debts and payment of expenses
  • Manage, protect and administer trusts
  • Distribute assets
  • Counsel on income tax matters
  • Litigate trust-related cases

Whether acting for a disabled beneficiary or taking over after the death of a loved one, Buckley Fine can help trustees properly and legally follow the terms of the trust and comply with the law. Trustees must manage and distribute assets, determine and pay debts, and address state and federal income and estate taxes. These matters can be complex, and the attorneys at Buckley Fine are ready to help guide trustees through the process and properly implement the trust for the beneficiaries. As always, the firm’s ultimate goal is to minimize stress during an already difficult time.


Take the first step towards seamless trust administration with Buckley Fine’s experienced attorneys. We provide expert guidance to trustees, helping you navigate fiduciary duties and legal responsibilities with confidence. From asset management and debt settlement to addressing complex state and federal tax obligations, we’re equipped to minimize stress and ensure a smooth process. Contact Buckley Fine today to expertly fulfill your role as a trustee and honor the intentions of the trust for its beneficiaries.



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