Contested Estates & Trusts

The Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine can:

  • Provide comprehensive counsel through each stage of the litigation process
  • Help with asset protection and compliance
  • Draft and negotiate settlements
  • Mediate disputes
  • Represent trustees
  • Represent beneficiaries and help them understand their rights

The attorneys of Buckley Fine understand that the loss of a loved one is already a very hard thing to bear. However, when there are legal issues to contend with, this difficult time becomes even more stressful.

The potential for a dispute among family members or other close relations regarding an estate or a trust can take the grieving process from difficult to tumultuous and traumatic. While the team at Buckley Fine can help clients avoid these issues with a quality estate plan, they understand that sometimes these issues are unavoidable. Whether someone is contesting a trust or estate, or conversely having their loved one’s trust or estate contested, the experienced attorneys of Buckley Fine are there to help resolve these disputes in a quick, painless, and amicable way.

Their strategies are not merely litigious. They can help resolve these issues through mediation, negotiation, and settlement before they ever go to a courtroom. That being said, should such issues go to court, the attorneys of Buckley Fine have the experience and expertise necessary to zealously defend their clients’ rights and interests with meticulous strategy and compassion.

Naturally, family and friends are not the only parties who might contest a trust or estate. That is why the Barrington-area lawyers of Buckley Fine are also well-versed in the process of IRS contests. If an estate is challenged on the basis of a tax liability, they can help you protect assets while complying fully with federal and state tax laws.




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