Catering to clients in Barrington and throughout the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, our experienced estate planning attorneys are dedicated to more than just the orderly transfer of assets. We understand that proper estate planning encompasses a wide range of considerations – from asset preservation and tax minimization to fulfilling long-term personal and familial goals.

At Buckley Fine, our estate planning services cover a range of key areas. We specialize in drafting and updating wills and trusts, ensuring clarity and legal integrity. Our team skillfully handles state and federal estate taxes to reduce your tax burden. We also focus on asset protection to shield your wealth from risks. Our prenuptial and postnuptial planning cater to the legal needs of marriages and civil unions. For later life stages, our elder care law services ensure your wishes are clearly communicated. We guide those considering guardianship with informed advice. Schedule your consultation with Buckley Fine for peace of mind through expert estate planning.

Wills & Trusts

Whether you are looking to create a new will or trust, or revise an existing document, Buckley Fine’s experienced Barrington estate planning attorneys can help.

Estate Tax Planning

Trying to understand death taxes can be a daunting task. The tax and estate planning attorneys of Buckley Fine will help you determine your estate’s potential exposure to both state and federal death taxes, and work with you to reduce that risk.

Asset Protection Planning

No one can predict the future, but the experienced Barrington estate planning lawyers at Buckley Fine are ready to help you protect your assets.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Planning

The attorneys at Buckley Fine understand the excitement of entering into a marriage or civil union.  They also know the importance of addressing the legal aspects of the relationship through prenuptial agreements.

Elder Care

The attorneys at Buckley Fine know how important it is to plan for the later years of life. We all hope to get the opportunity to thoughtfully consider how those years should look and communicate them in a way that loved ones can understand and implement.


Deciding to become a legal guardian is a serious step, and the experienced guardianship lawyers at Buckley Fine are here to help.

Estate Planning Attorneys

Regardless of age, health, or the nature of your assets, having a well-crafted estate plan is essential. At Buckley Fine, our estate planning attorneys in Barrington specialize in creating estate plans for clients in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Our approach goes beyond just transferring assets; it’s about ensuring asset preservation, tax minimization, and addressing long-term goals. Our comprehensive services integrate your objectives with complex legal aspects, including income, gift, estate taxation, trusts, and charitable planning. Partner with an experienced Barrington estate lawyer to create a plan that secures your legacy. Schedule your consultation with Buckley Fine today for tailored estate planning solutions.



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