Severance Agreements

The attorneys at Buckley Fine can help in a number of aspects of severance agreements, including:

  • Drafting
  • Reviewing
  • Modifying
  • Negotiating
  • Enforcing

When employment ends, it is not always a smooth process. In fact, there are situations that can become quite difficult and contentious. Developing a severance agreement can help avoid difficult, time-consuming, and potentially costly disputes in these circumstances by clearly delineating responsibilities and benefits in the event of a termination. The experienced attorneys at Buckley Fine understand the severance process from both sides of the table, and are prepared to help both employers and employees alike with their legal needs.

Employers want to protect their business and ensure minimal interruption to operations. Meanwhile, for employees, being compensated fairly and not giving away any of your rights by signing on the dotted line are top priorities. The experienced employment lawyers at Buckley Fine aim to prepare severance agreements that keep their clients happy and secure. Their attorneys can negotiate on behalf of either party to the agreement, or counsel from the sidelines as the clients negotiate for themselves. With their strong track record and decades of combined experience, clients can act confidently knowing they are in good hands.




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