Asset protection, sometimes referred to as enhanced estate planning, utilizes contemporary techniques with historical roots to protect assets from potential risks. This proactive planning reduces exposure to judgements resulting from unwarranted, frivolous litigation. Perhaps most importantly, when done properly, it provides significant peace of mind.
Buckley Fine attorney William Ensing has been providing clients with asset protection at the highest level for over 30 years. His utilization of both domestic and international techniques, such as forming offshore captive insurance companies and sophisticated trust structures, keeps Bill at the forefront of this area of the law.
Bill also creates sophisticated business succession and estate tax plans for his clients, which include high net-worth individuals, medical professionals, business owners and investors. Since these professions are some of the most likely to face a lawsuit, they can greatly benefit from the asset protection aspect of Bill’s planning. Those with an increased risk of being sued can take action to shield their wealth from outside risks by proactively implementing an asset protection plan that is addressed from all aspects of a client’s life.
The attorneys at Buckley Fine understand the nuances and have the experience to address your wealth protection goals. Our attorneys will carefully assess your activities, the variety and classification of your assets, and the circumstances driving you to consider enhanced estate planning and wealth protection. We will clearly and succinctly describe the options available, including the protective strengths and weaknesses of each. Our goal is to help you prepare for the unexpected in a way that provides peace of mind and security.
Please reach out to William Ensing or your Buckley Fine attorney to discuss the particulars of asset protection at 847-381-0011 or