Business owners have faced several challenges this year. Tasked with unprecedented obstacles to keep the doors open and ensure the health and safety of their employees, businesses have one more hurdle to overcome this year. Before year end, every Illinois employer is required to provide all employees with sexual harassment prevention training that complies with the Illinois Human Rights Act. Employers must train employees by December 31, 2020 and on an annual basis thereafter.

This training must include:

  • an explanation of sexual harassment consistent with the Illinois Human Rights Act;
  • examples of conduct that constitutes unlawful sexual harassment;
  • a summary of relevant Federal and State statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, including remedies available to victims of sexual harassment; and
  • a summary of responsibilities of employers in the prevention, investigation, and corrective measures of sexual harassment.

Failure to comply with this training could result in the entry of an order imposing a civil penalty against the employer. If you have questions regarding this training or wish to update your employee handbook to comply with this and other new laws, contact a Buckley Fine, LLC employment attorney at 847-381-0011.