Every business owner should consider trademarking their company’s brand. In today’s world of ever-expanding social media and internet commerce, protecting reputation and intellectual property is more important than ever.

While patents are more commonly discussed, a company’s brand can be just as valuable an asset. A brand distinguishes one company from another, and helps customers recognize and trust their chosen brand over others in the market.

Trademarks are a part of branding. They are usually symbols, logos, words, or slogans that are distinctive to a particular company and help customers identify its goods and services from others in the market. Trademarks can even be sounds, scents, or shapes and colors, as long as they are distinctive enough to allow customers to recognize them as part of one company over another. These identifiers can be invaluable to a business, as they allow customers to easily recognize the company and rely on its standards when deciding to make a purchase.

By registering a Trademark, a business can protect its brand and the reputation it carries. It puts the public on notice that only its products or services carry the Trademark and gives the power to file a lawsuit to stop competitors from using it. Since Trademark registration is completed through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, this protection applies nationwide and, in some cases, internationally. It provides such value that a Trademark can be bought, sold, or even used as security to obtain a loan.

Business owners should protect their company’s reputation, brand and Trademarks through formally registering it with the government.

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